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Black Absolute

Absolute black granite is one of the most known building materials, well finished granite in jet black color manufactured with fine texture to give a unique look to the kitchen shelves, floors, etc. It has been used for many years in both interior and exterior applications.

Granite dimension stone is used in buildings, bridges, paving, monuments and many other exterior projects, Indoors, polished granite slabs and tiles are used in countertops, tile floors, stair treads and many other design elements.

Black Galaxy

As the name itself suggests Black Galaxy is black colored granite and is abundantly found in Southern part of India. The stone occurs in a deep black tinge. The stone is popular not only in South India but across the country. Not just this, the stone has an excellent expert value. The smoothness and the original gloss is what that sets the stone - Black Galaxy - far ahead its contemporaries.

It is the perfect choice for your home decoration, be it kitchen/office countertops, or an awesome fireplace or a bathroom area, Black Galaxy gives an elegant touch to your interiors. In fact it reflects your taste for life. We recommend you to buy this Granite in Slabs and tiles form.

Premium Black

This material has derived its name by its prime soft quality that is pitch dark, irrespective of whether it is in the Rough or Finished form. The name King of all materials is an age old phrase which is still dominating the granite market irrespective of its stiff competition worldwide. The specific gravity is so high when compared to other materials where the viscosity and the nature to take good polish is something very special when compared to other type of materials. This granite will always dominate the market forever & ever.

Indian Juprana

Indian Juparana granite is formed by the slow cooling and crystallizing of molten stone under pressure. Indian Juparana granite is one of the known building materials and well finished granite, manufactured with fine texture to give a unique looks. It has been used for many years in both interior and exterior applications.

The Indian Juparana is the most preferred building/construction material for its low cost on maintenance, heat resistance and of course affordability. The stone gives a visual pleasure besides helping you place hot kitchen ware or heavy objects when used as countertop

Jhansi Red

Jhansi Red granite is one of the known building materials and well finished granite, manufactured withe fine texture to give a unique looks. It has been used for many years in both interior and exterior applications. Jhansi Red granite is durable, dense and incredibly hard.

Jhansi red granite stone has excellent absorbing property and hence can form an excellent kitchen countertop allowing you to perform kitchen functions smoothly. Jhansi red granite stone is extremely heat resistant and can absorb any high temperature and hence you can confidently set hot poles on your kitchen countertops. The stone finds extensive usage in lining your floors and ceilings in special areas. They offer extensive protection to your walls in the kitchen, wash area and back splash areas.

New Imperial Red

New Imperial Red Granite is naturally beautiful and durable; New Imperial Red granite is prized for exterior cladding, countertops, water features, or wherever a long lasting material is needed. New Imperial Red granite is scratch resistant, weather resistant and sanitary Quarried in India, New Imperial Red granite brings an intrinsic value to any project il enhances. The rugged durability and weather resistance of New Imperial Red granite is combined with lightweight, strong and easy to use honeycomb. This creates a stronger: more durable panel that is able to resist wind, seismic loads and impact.

New Imperial Red granite is excellent for stone curtain wall panels, exterior or interior granite cladding, water features. counter tops, furniture, elevator panels and wherever a long lasting, naturally beautiful stone is essential. The Imperial Red floors are very resistant. They have a heavenly shine and are rem-v resistant to cracks, slips and many other physical and chemical damages.

Raniwada Yellow

This is the most preferred India,, Yellow Granite for flooring and countertops. The color of the stone makes it very popular across the world. The stone can be used for any type of decoration inside and outside of home. The stone can he used as countertops, tiles, slabs, backsplash area tiles, cobbles, fireplace and may other things. A natural sheen is produced by the stone and the glow it generates makes it apart from its competitors.

Raw Silk Pink

Raw Silk granite is also known as Raw Silk Ivory and is popular across the country. Iii fact the stone has excellent export value for its immense popularity’ among females. Raw Silk granite is also a granite stone that has been fortified (like’ all granite stones ) in the earth‘s crust for almost a million years. This gives the’ granite stone a rare assurance among another stones. With blue’ lines, brown tiny spots on pink background and handsome good looks of Raw Silk makes it an excellent Choice for anywhere a beautiful, long lasting and natural building material is vital.

Apart from the common usage, this granite can be perfect as tabletop, vanity top, garden Requirement, pathways, pavements, patios, wall claddings, fIreplace, shower area, curtains and many more.

Rosy Pink

A pink base as the name suggests and beautiful floral patterns in brown. white and grey, the Indian Rosy Pink granite stone is a mesmerizing treat to the eve. These Rosy Pink Granite Slabs are suitable to be used for interior and exterior flooring. The chemical processes that take place in the stone give the stone beautiful color combinations. The natural occurrence of crystals, garnets and feldspar in the stone give the granite stone a marvelous glow. All these aspects of the granite stone make it extremely popular as a building or construction stone.

Viscon White

Viscon white Granite is extremely hard and dense stone. It is resistant to stain and water, hence, it is highly durable and easy to clean or maintain. It differs from manufactured products such as concrete blocks or clay bricks, which are called artificial stone. Formed eons ago, Viscon White granite resists Weather, wear, freeze and softens. The density of Viscon White makes it stain, water and mildew resistant. Born of the inner fires of earth. Viscon White granite is practically unfazed by fìre and heat.

Vizag Blue

Vizag Blue granite provides a rich, natural, high end appeal to any property. This natural stone is fine grained gneiss with smatterings of garnet. It has a light to dark blue background with a lot of movement and is sold as either medium or dark Vìzag Blue. It is a frost resistant natural stone which comes in tile form and slabs. The colors of Vìzag Blue Granite vary so it's best to view your actual stone. The constituent elements are quartz. feldspar and mica.

The quartz (silica) has a glassy appearance and a blue color: The feldspar combined is composed of silica with alumina and potash. This is a double silicate of alumina and potash. It can be used for the columns of buildings, obelisks, the pedestals of statues, etc. Temples and monuments built by the ancient granite are perfectly preserved.

Different Standard Sizes


  • (a) Random : 2 cm, 3 cm & 4 cm
  • (b) Vertical Size : 220 X 70 cm & up X 2 cm / 3 cm
  • (c) Gangsaw Size : 290 X 160 cm & up X 2cm / 3 cm
  • (d) Gangsaw Cutter : 270 X 125 cm & up X 2 cm / 3 cm


  • (a) 12" X 12" X 10 mm / 16" X 16" X 12 mm / 18" X 18" X 12 mm / 24" X 24" X 20 mm
  • (b) 30cm X 30cm X 10mm X / 20mm / 30mm / 60cm X 30cm X 10mm X / 20mm / 30mm
  • (c) 40cm X 40cm X 10mm X / 20mm / 30mm / 40cm X 60cm X 10mm X / 20mm / 30mm
  • (d) 60cm X 60cm X 10mm X / 20mm / 30mm / 60cm X 90cm X 10mm X / 20mm / 30mm

Cut to Size : On Request

* Besides these sizes requisite sizes of blocks, slabs and tiles can be supplied depending on the customer's requirement.

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