Considered as one of the most colorful of all ground covers, Phlox subulata is also vigorous, hardy, trouble-free, deer resistant and requires low care. Highly desirable, this little evergreen perennial adds splashes of colors in spring when its masses of bright, fragrant flowers open up for 3-4 weeks in shades of blue-purple, pink, red or white. Irresistible!

  • Mat-forming, Phlox subulata grows only 4-6 in. tall (10-15 cm) but spreads vigorously up to 2 feet wide (60 cm) in a beautiful flower carpet resembling moss, hence the common name of moss phlox.
  • Prefers full sun (tolerates dappled shade) and enjoys humusy, medium moisture, well-drained soils. It thrives in sandy or gravelly soils and is drought tolerant once established. Good drainage required!
  • Excellent choice for rock gardens, slopes, edgings or ground covers. Perfectly suited to border fronts and lovely when slightly draping a rock wall. A great companion for tulips and daffodils... and butterflies too!
  • Hardy, Phlox subulata is trouble-free, deer resistant, salt tolerant and requires little care.
  • Shear after flowering to maintain a neat form and promote new foliage, with the resultant increase in blooms next spring. This plant will multiply in optimum growing conditions.